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Jessica Hahn Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Hahn breast augmentation

If you are less than 20 years old (and even more) you probably don't know who is Jessica Hahn, she is known for the infamous sex scandal with televangelist Jim Baker (popular back in 1987 when the scandal came to light), which carried over to her so much attention, notoriety that she put into film and TV appearances, including Married... with Children.

Hahn appeared couple of times in Playboy magazine and some videos,  that's why her breasts are not a secret, if she got a plastic surgery procedure or not is something that only she knows, but a sign of breast augmentation could be the excessive roundness at the top, even for large breasts like hers on these pictures. There are rumors saying that she also got nose surgery and some cosmetic dentistry procedure.

The reports claim that the infamous Jessica Hahn had a breast augmentation to increase the size of her busts and to make them rounded. It was necessary because she was receiving so many offers from the magazine to appear nude on them and she did not want to have the photo shoot with the old breasts which were slimmer and looser. She then underwent knife to make her breasts bigger. The big breasts provided her with a new shape and it helped her lot becoming famous all around.

She became the darling of so many boys after she did a number of nude photo shoots. She has been appeared nude on many magazines including Playboy. Moreover, there are also a number of videos in which we can see her totally nude. She has also been appeared on television show for many times. She is most famous for her appearance on show Married….with Children. Her name has been linked with comedian San Kinison where the media sources remained claiming that she was having an affair with him.

She has also been linked with televangelist Jim Bakker. Actually, it was her sex scandal with Jim Bakker that provided her with a chance to appear in movies. She is often called on the Howard Stern Show as a call-in guest. The sexy and the beautiful lady still have a fresh face and she is a charming lady. She is among one of those ladies who are said to be the sex symbols in industry.


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