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Jimena Navarrete Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete Plastic Surgery

Congratulations to Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete from Mexico! Many people probably doesn't realize, but winning a beauty pageant as recognized as this one, is definitely a life changing situation.  Now starts a year for Jimena that can open her doors to new opportunities, specially in the field of entertainment and modeling.

But many wonder now if the new Miss Universe is plastic surgery free, a true natural beauty.
In couple of interviews she talked about plastic surgery, she denied any procedures done at the moment, but left the door open for some procedure in the future, since she is not against it.  She is still very young and doesn't need anything right now.  Her facial features are proportionate and also has a beautiful body.  The most common procedures in the pageant were breast implants, lip augmentation and nose jobs, but it is always refreshing to see a natural beauty win this kind of contest.

The newly crowned Miss Universe  Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete is not opposed to plastic surgery – just that she hasn’t had any work done just yet, as she admitted herself in an interview.

The stunner was crowned the most beautiful and accomplished woman in the world in the pageant that took place this Monday in Las Vegas, beating favorite Miss Jamaica, along with other hopefuls.

Though she’s a natural beauty, Jimena doesn’t judge those (be they men or women) who do turn to plastic surgery for a little help in the looks department. So far, though, she’s all natural.

The admission, which is potentially controversial, notes the Orange County Register in the In Your Face column, was made at the beginning of the month in an interview with a local publication.

“I am for plastic surgery. But I haven’t gotten any,” Navarrete said when asked about whether she was opposed to plastic surgery or if she’d ever consider getting work done herself.

Though she carefully sidesteps that last part of the question, the model admits that she owes a lot to her rigorous workout routine when it comes to looking this good, and certainly not to the skilled hand of a surgeon.

“I exercise a lot. I go to the gym two hours a day, one in the morning and one at night. Since we are really busy right now, I try to work out whenever I have the time. I brought some wrist weights with me,” she revealed in the same interview.

As the OC Register also notes, the question of whether beauty queens, especially those running for such a big title as that of Miss Universe is, should be allowed to have work done remains a highly debatable one.

Dayana Mendoza, who won Miss Universe in 2008, for instance, was very open about how she’d had work done on her nose to make it narrower and a breast augmentation prior to the contest – but she still got a lot of heat for it.

In 2009, Carrie Prejean also made headlines all around the world after she went public with the fact that the Miss USA organization had paid for her implants, which she had put in just before the pageant.

Because she talked about the specifics of the agreement, and was thus in violation of the confidentiality clause of the contract, the organization sued Prejean and asked her to pay for the implants out of her own pocket. Eventually, they settled.


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Kristy Martin said...

She looks much better now, than she looked before her nose job surgery. It's great that it's not that visible... you can tell that she did something. Personally, I also want to go for a nose surgery by Dr. Jerome Edelstein, because I'm unsatisfied of its shape... I think it's too big and because of this thing I hate to take photos.

June 19, 2013 at 12:41 AM

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