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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Cheek

Some people have said that comedian Joan Rivers went too far with plastic surgery, but that´s not the opinion of everyone.  She admitted to Mail Online to have had it done and that she is completely open for more in case that she need it.  She is more than 70 years old, but it would be very hard to find any wrinkle on her face, her cheeks looks like a teenager ones and her eyes and mouth look a bit stretched out most probably due to more than one face lift.

Comparing earlier pictures with more recent ones, we can see that her eyes and mouth have been continuously stretching out with time, making her eyes to look smaller and making it harder to change her expression.  Her nose is very peculiar, a classic rhinoplasty, probably popular when she got it done.  Her cheeks could be treated with some kind of filler injections or implants,  not to mention the (who knows how many) botox injections all over her face to reduce and practically eliminate any single wrinkle or expression lines.

She admitted to believe in plastic surgery and invite anyone who don't like something about themselves to go for it: "I have done what everyone does in California... Goldie Hawn has a totally different face from when she started... I believe in plastic surgery,.. Anyone out there who thinks they don't like their nose? Do something about it! You go through life once. Fix your teeth."

Joan Rivers is as famous for her plastic surgery obsession as she is for her potty mouth. So did you ever wonder just how many procedures the 78-year-old comedian has had?

So says the Daily Telegraph, which ran a story today about Rivers' love affair with cosmetic procedures. "Every weekend I just go in and I do something new. I get a 10th one free. It's a little like coffee you just keep going," Rivers reportedly quipped.

The Daily Telegraph also writes that Melissa, Joan's daughter and co-star on "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?", is none too happy with how often her mother goes under the knife.

But as Joan told The Huffington Post, "I don't give a damn what people think. If you don't like my opinion, too bad. That's the only good thing about age."

Meaning she probably doesn't care that 739 is a completely absurd amount of surgeries and that with her 80th birthday approaching, it's probably not worth the pain and money.


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The Daily Telegraph also writes that Melissa, Joan's daughter and co-star on "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best photos before and after

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